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Celebrating Black women breaking barriers_

October 2020

President Biden's inauguration was historic for many reasons, including the fact that he was accompanied by the youngest ever inaugural poet. At just twenty-two years old, Harvard graduate, Amanda Gorman shared her poet, "The Hill We Climb."

As a young woman, Gorman struggled with a speech impediment, and described the spoke word as her "own type of pathology." "The Hill We Climb" delivers the overall message that in order to put our future first, we must put our differences aside.


Gorman partially wrote The Hill We Climb late in the night on January 6th, the day our Nation's Capitol was stormed. The line, "We've seen a force that would shatter our nation rather than share it" speaks directly to the storming of the Capitol that happened that evening. 

Gorman's poem eloquently touches on the that we must overcome, the opportunities and challenges that we face, and the history of race and birthrights in our country. 

Gorman is truly an inspiration to us all. Her story exhibits that no matter the age and no matter the story, our greatest power is our resilience. 

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