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WISE at International Day of the Girl_

November 2021

In October, a team of our WISE members located in the North Texas market marched in solidarity with our philanthropic partner, Girls Inc., in celebration of the International Day of the Girl. We are proud that Nexius, in partnership with WISE, sponsored the event. This is our second event with Girls Inc., an organization focused on the overall well-being and development of girls. The International Day of the Girl aims to bring awareness to the inequalities in education, healthcare, nutrition and resources that girls worldwide face solely dependent on their gender. 

To kick off the event, the Girls Inc. committee and community leaders recited the Girl Inc. Bill of Rights, emphasizing the rights that all girls should have. The remainder of the event included a march throughout downtown Forth Worth, and concluded with closing remarks of gratitude for all supporting sponsors.

One of the greatest takeaways from the event, included the power behind reciting the phrase "I am in her corner." The moment you make it known that you support and empower the girls and women around you is the moment you start to be the change.

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