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WISEup: Making an impact_

January 2022

At the core of every program and organization is a mission: in WISE, ours is to create an environment for women to thrive and provide opportunities for your career to soar. Last year we launched WISEup to enhance our initiative, and discover, develop and empower women leaders in our organization early on in their careers. Through intentional pairings of protégés and advisors we are cultivating meaningful relationships and helping you reach new milestones. 

After completing our pilot season, we asked protégés to share how WISEup impacted their life. Here's what some of them said:

"To be successful is to be passionate, positive, ambitious, confident, and innovative. WISEup has helped me amplify my career by providing me the tools to create a path for success." – Zainab

"After completing the WISEup program I will utilize the mentorship skills and the network I grew to help others build their confidence and link them with others in the industry to help them achieve their career goals." – Christine

"Being a woman in this industry can be hard, but it is a breath of fresh air to have support through WISEup to talk to and learn from others who understand." – Rebecca

"I am excited that I have developed a relationship with a mentor that I can lean on at any point in my career! I know this relationship will take me further." – Lauren

As we continue to grow WISE and WISEup, we are dedicated to furthering our impact beyond our organization. We are excited to explore educational workshop opportunities with our partner, Girls Inc. throughout this year–the change starts with you!

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