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Black History Month

February 2022

February is Black History Month. BHM celebrates the rich, diverse culture of Black Americans and the adversity that the Black community has overcome. To celebrate, we are amplifying the voices of our community members. We asked Vice President of Nexius and WISE Steering Committee member, LaTavia Bowens what Black History Month means to her. 

"Black History Month is the celebration and the appreciation of Blackness and how it permeates through all aspects of society. It is a nod to history and the sacrifices of my ancestors. After all, I am the product of their wildest dreams," said Bowens. "It is also a recognition of our culture, brilliance, and monumental impact on the American way of life." 

HR Business Partner Felicia Cox says, "For me, it is about reflecting on lessons and people that encourage me to become what I respect and mirror what I admire." We could not agree more with Cox. There is so much to learn from history–open and honest reflection is key. 

Office Manager, Makeba McWright reminds us that the media we consume shapes who we are. "Along with music, I try to watch Black movies and TV shows that celebrate our culture. In my home, I have paintings and pictures of historic figures including Rosa Parks, Muhammed Ali, and Nina Simone to name a few."

"We celebrate the accomplishments of those who have come before us and those who are actively working to better the Black community," says Licensing Manager, Tierra Carter. She reiterates that it is up to us to "make this country a better place for people of color."

As an organization, we are dedicated to improving our community. We value diversity and know that change starts with us. Next month is Women's history month. Stay tuned to hear more from our community as we highlight women who are breaking barriers. 

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