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WISE Initiatives_

Private Online Community

WISE has an online community that is focused on growing our network in a digital world. We are building strong relationships and reinforcing the importance of team-based culture.

Monthly Newsletter

WISE is part of a larger movement of women impacting the world. In our monthly newsletter, we highlight how women are driving change in our organization and globally. 

Introduction of the WISEup program

WISEup is a program within WISE to discover, develop and empower women leaders early on in their careers. 

WISE Events

Our goal is to break down barriers, empower women to be the best version of themselves at work and in life and enhance the culture within our organization.


Discussions centered around influential books and documentaries featuring trail-blazing women



Personal development workshops, including goal setting and personal branding



Wellness focused events, including member-led virtual workouts and wellness challenges



Virtual leadership event series



Workshop series



Career development and 1-on-1 advising opportunities



WISE Words_

Nexius invests in programs that develop and empower our employees. That's why we created WISE—Women Impacting the Smart Economy. Our purpose is to create an environment where women thrive by building a network to share ideas, nurture career development, highlight growth opportunities, and build rewarding professional relationships. 

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