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One year of WISE_

May 2021

In many ways, 2020 was one of the most challenging years—but it was also a year of immense growth, wins for women and lessons learned. On June 17, we celebrate one year of WISE.

During this past year, we launched the initiative, grew WISE from an idea to 94% of the women in our organization, crowd-sourced knowledge and experiences, networked and created a community for our members to connect. We've hosted discussions, workshops, campaigns, developed a partnership with a national organization dedicated to empowering young girls. 

As we continue to grow WISE, we want to remind you to drive forward with out mission in mind:

"Our purpose is to create an environment where women thrive by building a network to share ideas, nurture career development, highlight growth opportunities and build rewarding professional relationships"

We will continue to empower the women in our organization by providing resources and the space to grow—cheers to more years!